Thursday, November 7, 2013

Worth Fighting For

When do you choose opportunities over morals, or do you?  Are there opportunities where we can choose both?  Is this another opportunity for compromise?

Sometimes we are presented with opportunities that make us choose between friendship or opportunity to further ourselves and our careers.  Lately I've been watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy.  These main characters who have gone through a surgical internship together, have also gone through years of residency and now are up for a spot to be Chief Resident and then onto becoming an Attendee.  Dr. Karev and Dr. Grey have been in it together since the beginning, gone through so much together and have been such good friends. But this race for Chief Resident made Dr. Karev throw Dr. Grey under the bus, which nearly made her lose her residency and almost lose her fight for adopting a baby.  He chose his career over his friendship.  In this case he realized what he did was wrong and did everything he could to fix their friendship and prove the worth of their relationship.  He believed that his friendship was worth saving and fighting for.

Now maybe I'm not writing so much about which is right or wrong, but I am wondering if our actions are always worth it...if it means our friendships.  I know it's not always black or white, right or wrong. Sometimes we are presented with opportunities that will get us ahead in life,  and if this is the case, then if you're really friends then they should understand, right?  I think in situations like this, we just need to be honest with each other.  Let your friend know what's happening and if you value each other's decisions then it won't even be an issue between opportunity or morality.   If the opportunity that is presented isn't worth your friendship, then maybe that's your opportunity to walk away and find something else, something better, but of course still weighing your alternatives.

Another situation may be choosing one relationship over another.  Yes, some of my days consist of watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210, the 90's version.  Not too long ago they showed the episode where Kelly messes around with her best friend Brenda's boyfriend while she is out of the country.  Because they've known each other for a long time and always had this "connection" somehow justified their actions.  Later it became a whole triangle and Dylan ends up picking Kelly.  Brenda loses her best friend and her boyfriend, while Kelly chooses one relationship over another.  Now, is she choosing to go after her heart or go against her morals?  Again, I know it's not like choosing black or white, but maybe all relationships can be worth it? Is that possible?

I know that things like this do happen in real life.   Maybe if situations like these present themselves, they could result in a much better outcome if people are just honest with each other.  If you call yourself a friend, be a friend.  If you're 1 half a couple, abide by your commitment.  Remember that honesty, integrity, communication and loyalty are some of the most important aspects of a relationship.   If there are issues, be honest with each other; fight if it's worth fighting for.  Things may still end up differently than you had planned, wanted or expected, but at least you're being honest and sticking to your values.

-Rubi Anne Dijamco Agostini

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