Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanks, The Day After

Wednesday, as my husband and I were biking I began thinking of my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving,  and I decided to seriously ponder the things I’m thankful for (to pass the time and to take my mind off of my aching muscles).  I have said it before (more like ranted) but I really don’t like the way commercial America like’s to go straight from Halloween spending to Christmas spending, skipping over the time of the year when we are just grateful for the things we already have.  
In any case, I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Day with family and/or friends, eating and laughing – I know I did.  Here is a list of 25 things I thought of on that long, bike ride, in no particular order. I hope it inspires your own list.
My oldest son, who is a lot like his mother – in good ways and not so good ways.  His exceptional character and moral values continue to impress me.
My youngest son, who is also, a lot like his mother (but in different ways) and whose joy in life, he says, is to “make me laugh”.  His sense of humor and sensitivity floor me. 
My husband who puts up with a wife who’s as extroverted as much as he’s introverted.  Here’s to looking towards a new stage of our lives together as empty nesters.
The chipper, welcoming sound of promise, expectancy, creativity and potential accomplishment made by turning on my computer in the morning.
The peace and comfort that offers me solace and rest while listening to my selection of podcasts in the wee hours of the morning when worry and my task list rob my sleep.
The early morning caffeinated routine of filling my teakettle and the eventual pouring of boiling water into a cup; and then the aroma of orange spice tea steeping.
The TV show, “What Not To Wear” because not only do they deal with bad taste, but they inevitably get to the root of why a woman has poor self-esteem.
My best friends in whom I confide to, cry on and laugh with.  You are my strength; my ever present help in time of need; my comedians who tickle my sarcastic funny bone.
The magic and artistry of words, that can paint a picture, sculpt a thought and provoke tears of sadness or joy.  The power of words will create or destroy.
The pungent concoction of chemicals and creams that every 6 weeks makes me feel at least 10 years younger – also known as store bought hair color.  Because I’m worth it.
Netflix.  What a brilliant idea that one can experience a whole season or series of any particular show through binge watching.  Two words: Breaking Bad.
My crazy, funny, sarcastic, encouraging, hilarious, generous, quirky, laughing, noisy, inspiring, loud, joyful, weird and beautiful family.  Double goes for my all my cousins!
Autumn.  I love the crispness in the air, the clearness of the sky, the coolness of the weather, the colors of the trees and the promise of the holidays.
My church family.  These people, though not perfect, perfectly define a community of people who love each other and see each other through the eyes of our Father.
My house that warms me and my family during the winter, keeps us cool during the summer and secures us from the elements from the outside world each day.
FaceBook for reconnecting me with old friends, introducing me to new friends, making me laugh, inviting me to parties and events and providing a venue for this blog.
My new bike and the new fitness goals my husband and I have trained for and attained proving (with the help of a LOT of ice) that at our age, we are still contenders.
Make-up and nail polish.  It’s not that I feel unfeminine or uncomfortable without them, I just love that I get the option to be creative and use myself as the canvas.
My body.  Though most days I find myself unhappy with its bits and parts, I am awed at its strength enough to bear 2 humans and more recently getting me through a triathlon.
Dr. Bryant, the former Head of the Liberal Studies Department of CalPoly Pomona, who believed and fought for me to go back to school and finally get my BA degree last June.
Though shortened, I am ever so thankful for the opportunity to be blessed by the lives of my cousin, Kim and my Brother-In-Law, Danny.  Missing them both today.
My parents.  Though their marriage ended, I am grateful that they tried so hard and that no matter what, I knew that they loved (love) my brother and myself unconditionally.
People who call me stubborn.  I used to hate it until I realized what they really meant is that I’m resolute. No seriously. I’m resolute I tell you……..RESOLUTE DANGIT!!!!
The color purple.  Not the movie (well, that too) but the actual color.  It always captivates me and reminds me that I am royalty; a princess; a daughter of the King.
Girls Weekend Out. I get time reconnecting with my girls whom I’ve known since grade school talking, eating, napping, shopping, laughing, and enjoying each other.  Priceless!

"Come into his city with songs of thanksgiving and into his courtyards with songs of praise.  Thank him and praise his name.  The Lord is good.  His love is forever, and his loyalty goes on and on."  Ps. 100:4

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