Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Just Wanna Fly

I had just turned 13 and I took to skiing like I had been born to it.  Every first run the feeling is the same – the cool wind in my face, and the sense that I am nearly flying – oh, the FREEDOM!!!!
The day before my last birthday, I decided to try zip-lining.  Now, I have wanted to zip-line for a while and my goal was to do it in some exotic place like Costa Rica.  However, an opportunity came along while I was in Las Vegas and well…..I took it!  You can watch me in this brief video my husband took.  I am the flyer on the far left coming out of the gate. 

I didn’t know the people I was “flying” with, but because I was by myself they (and the staff) were consoling me, telling me not to be scared.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I was not scared AT ALL!  I was totally calm.  While they were strapping me in I decided I would position my body to fly like I had always dreamed – with my arms out to my sides.  As the gate opened and the cable jerked us forward, I pushed myself off the mat we had been suspended over so that I could go faster. 
It was exactly how I imagined – and it was even better than skiing!  By the end of the flight I had tears in my eyes – not because it was cold (because it was) but because it was such a beautiful experience – I felt so free!  I felt so ME!

What I learned:  Some people know they are born to be in the water; some know they are born to be on stage.  I learned I was born to fly.  Perhaps one day I’ll sprout wings or I’ll obtain some super power, but until then, I guess I’ll just continue to fly in my dreams……and plan another zip-lining excursion.
What were you meant to do?  What makes you feel free?
~Tessa L. Charles

“I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea, fly like an eagle let my spirit carry me, I want to fly like an eagle, till I’m free….” – Steve Miller

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