Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Be Who You Are Today

I used to be a size 6….a few times to be exact.
In my 20’s I used to get crazy haircuts with fun colors.  Now my hair has only two colors and that’s only when my roots are showing!
Before I had kids, I used to have a belly button that looked like pursed lips.  Now it has deep lines all around as if those lips smoked A LOT and is set in a perpetual frown.
I used to be able to wear a small watch.  Now, when I stretch out my arm far enough for my eyes to focus on that watch, its features are too small for me to see the time!
I used to be able to walk in stiletto heels all day.  Now, three hours max…..sitting down.
I used to be able to recover from a cold or muscle exertion in 24 hours, now it takes me a week. 
I used to remember where I put my keys.  I used to go out to dinner more.  I used to buy and look at fashion  magazines.  I used to be able to stay up all hours of the night.  I used to take my kids to play dates.  I used to……..

There’s no use in lamenting who I used to be.  I am the person who I was destined to be, right now.  My past has made me who I am today and I am proud of that.  I embrace myself right now and I vow to live the best and look the best that I can today.  It’s time to let go of who I was to become who I am.  I am awesome and so are you.

-Tessa L. Charles

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