Friday, August 16, 2013

I LOVE Rush Hour Traffic

While I was in Italy the past 3 months, I didnt drive at all. The public transportation over there is so convenient.  We were able to walk, take the bus or ride the train everywhere, it was so humbling and relaxing.  Now being back to Southern California for a little over a week now, I barely made my way back behind the wheel 2 days ago.  Today I picked up my niece and goddaughter and headed to help my cousin move.  As we hit traffic, my 7 year old goddaughter started explaining how she doesn't like traffic and that she wants to "get there already".   This took me back about 4 years ago when I started to love getting stuck in rush hour traffic.

About four years ago is when I finally decided what career I wanted to go into, I got so excited and motivated I couldn't wait to graduate and finally live my dream.  When I started my core classes, I was going to college full time, working just about full time, going to ministry school, involved in church activities about 4 days a week or more, including band practice, studying, working on presentations and doing homework every chance I got, while still trying to spend time with my friends and family.  During this time I spread myself so thin I barely had time for myself.  Just finding some "me time" to relax or even time to do nothing was close to impossible.  My day consisted of rushing from one thing to the next, and getting stressed out while stuck in traffic trying to get there.  Then one day in traffic as I was leaving work to get to my night class, it hit me...THIS is MY time!

From then on I learned to LOVE being stuck in traffic because that was the time I had to myself.  I was able to relax, listen to music, pray, sing, think, etc..  This was the time I let all the craziness of my life take a back seat and enjoy the solitude,  no deadlines and no distractions.

I know this grown up life comes and goes, we rush from one thing to the next, we are constantly in search of something better and greater, this life comes with so many responsibilities, we take on different roles and different levels of stress that we just can't control, but I know that there are pockets in our days that we can take advantage of.  Take advantage of those times that you can enjoy and have "me time," even if it happens to be when you're stuck in traffic for 2 hours, or maybe when you have to stop to fold a pile of laundry, or do a sink of dishes, etc.  Try looking at these things in a different way where you can enjoy that time to yourself, relax and "do you."


-Rubi Anne Dijamco Agostini


  1. Anne, I love this shift of perception of circumstance. I remember as a kid that saying, "Turn that frown upside down". Choosing to make the best of any situation is crucial to living a life of joy. It takes no talent to see the negative; it takes CREATIVITY to be happy. Being joyful is a choice. Thanks for the reminder! That's what we're all about.