Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Balancing Act

Last week I started school again and I’m finding it a challenge to transition from busy to busier.  It’s clear that I’m going to have to re-prioritize my life for the next 10 weeks, but I’m excited to be back in the learning mode once again.
I am blessed to have the support of friends and family to lift me up in this new transition (I have just started at a new university and have gone from semester system to quarter system – yikes!) and with the help of the head of the academic department in my field, I’m praying a graduation will be occurring this coming summer.
I know all of us have our priority challenges and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one being kept up at night with the running list of things I need to get done before my real (or imagined) deadlines, or with trying to figure out which requests I need to say no to. 
The balancing act gets overwhelming at times, but here are a few things I try to remember: I have authority over my own life and I will do what I can, when I am able.  I will say no to things that are lowest on my priority list if I don’t have time for them and I will NOT feel blame, shame or guilt when I do so.  I will delegate if possible and when I do, I will do so fully, and not try to covertly control the person to whom I delegate.  And if that person doesn’t do the task exactly how I want, I won’t stress.  If that person fails, I will not accept that failure as my own, I will just re-adjust.  I can only control me.

Coincidently, to fulfill a science course, I’m taking a stress management class, so I’ll let you know what I learn! If you’ve got any tips to share, do so in the comment box below or you can post on dailytlc@gmail.com.  Thanks!
-Tessa L. Charles

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