Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Bloom That Is You

Last night I packed up my winter clothing and brought down my lighter, brighter wardrobe from the attic.  The weather is warming up and although not “officially” spring, the signs of spring are evident where I live. Bright green leaves are starting to show on our shade tree at the back of our house, though it was just a couple weeks ago I had just finished disposing of the last of the fallen leaves.  It is this time of the year that reminds me of the potential of seeds.
Unless one is wise of all things botany, it is usually imperceptible as to what type of plant a seed will produce.  The potential of a seed can be deceptive because even a small seed can produce something as large as a tree or as pervasive as a weed.  Usually, the outside of the seed is hard and unless the conditions are right (adequate soil, moisture, nutrients and time) a seed will remain a seed.  Usually, no matter what direction a seed is planted, it grows towards its light source and despite sprouting, if conditions are not right, a seedling will probably not produce well and may even die.
I suppose you know what I’m getting at.  We all are like seeds.  We each have tremendous potential; though often in the beginning it is imperceptible just what fruit will be produced.  Often, we have a hard exterior, but with the right conditions, we can bloom.  I’d like to add, that just as plants go through phases such as seed to seedling to full bloom to withering to seeds again, we also go through phases.  Ideally we start out as a single seed as a child, bloom into adult, and when opportunities end and things change, we go to “seed” again, and then we start the process over and over again but our experiences multiply and hopefully, our potential becomes bigger and spreads farther.   Of course the conditions have to be right and our light source constant.
It is also helpful to remember that we never know what phase another person is.  They could be at the hard shell part, where they need extra attention and nutrition in order to soften and bloom.  They could be at a blooming stage or withering stage, but we may not be able to perceive their tremendous potential from one moment to the next.  The best thing we can do is keep the conditions right and the light source constant.  It might be helpful to remember that from time to time a little painful pruning and some stinky “fertilizer” may be required, but they only encourage growth and health.
I celebrate the tremendous potential we all possess and enjoy the bloom that is you.  Have a beautiful day!

-Tessa L. Charles

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