Saturday, June 15, 2013

Have Some Frivolous Fun!

This week has been so busy for me and my family; my youngest son’s summer basketball league started and we found ourselves frolicking here and there, trying to get to all the other daily business that needed attending.

I was able fit into my tight schedule a quick but much needed grocery run this week.
In as serious of a manner as possible, I flitted about the store, list in hand, careful to be efficient so as not to retrace any steps to get out of there as quickly as possible, after all, there was a game we had to get to.  As I made my way to my car, more shoving the cart rather than pushing it, I noticed a slight decline in the parking lot.  A silly idea popped into my head as a devious half-smile crossed my lips.  Why not?  Giving the extra shove needed, I hopped on the cart with both feet, wild-eyed with the wind in my hair and like a giggling kid, without a care in the world,  I rode that cart to my car!  A man getting out of his van saw me, smiled and pointed me out to his wife and his adult son.  They all followed me with their eyes and started chuckling.  I must have looked ridiculous; and I loved it!

Sometimes I get such joy just forgetting who I am for a moment (Mom, wife, middle-aged woman).  OR is it that I get such joy remembering who I am for a moment?!  In those brief seconds, I had dropped years; I had dropped pounds; I had dropped roles; I had dropped propriety.  OH, THE SHEER freedom!!!

My simple message today is to find something to do each day just to have some frivolous, silly fun; something to remind you of who you truly are; forgetting who you’re “supposed” to be, even for just a minute.  Make a silly face at a co-worker, chew some bubble gum and blow a huge bubble, throw a water balloon at someone, run around in the sprinklers, walk around barefoot in the mud, make a chalk picture on the sidewalk, chase a toddler around the room, carry a water gun in your purse…….then savor the moment and crack a smile would you?  Just enjoy!

Post what you did in the comments below so we can enjoy as well.  Share the silliness!

-Tessa L. Charles

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