Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shake It Off

Being the only female in the house, I often find myself watching different types of sports games whether it is on TV or in person.  I’ve noticed a couple of admirable traits about very successful players that I wanted to share because I think it’s an important and valuable mind-set for life.  The first is that successful players attempt to score all the time, no matter the obstacles.  Second, successful players shake off mistakes or missed attempts.

In life, whenever we make the attempt to “score” or succeed, it can be very risky or discouraging and we may find many obstacles in our way.  It’s important that we make the attempt anyway.  I think we’re all familiar with the story of how the household cleaner “Formula 409” got its name (if you don’t know, the story goes that it was the 409th try at making the cleaner that was successful).

The second part of being successful is that the quicker we shake off our mistakes or missed attempts, the sooner we’re able to re-set our minds and get to the next attempt and then to the eventual success.  I see this whenever I watch NBA player, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Very rarely do I see Kobe dwell on a mistake and even when he seems to be shooting a “bad streak” he admittedly, “shoots his way out of it”, meaning he continues to shoot until he scores.

To be honest, I have not lived most of my life as a risk taker and I have not relished making mistakes or “losing”.  But I am learning (the “riper” I get!), and I have tried to shake off mistakes more quickly than I have in my past.  I have mentioned before about my decision to go back to school, which in itself, is an attempt to succeed despite many obstacles.  I have also mentioned that I failed a math class, but instead of dwelling on the failure (and the time and money spent), I signed up and took it a second time, and passed.  I have to say it actually was one of the most rewarding experiences failing and then passing that class, especially since math is my least favorite subject!

 It is taking the easy road when we let discouragement, disappointment and failure to dissuade us from success.  Anybody can quit; but it takes strength of character to persevere.  Remember, you are stronger than you think.  Shake off the dust of missed attempts, learn from your mistakes and never look back with regret.  Whatever you set your mind to, you can do it!

-Tessa L. Charles


  1. This is great! I know I've failed in life, many times before...but just like these sports guys, it just makes you want to "train" even harder and try again...and again, if necessary!! Like I've once said..."Don't ever feel discouraged by your efforts"...

  2. Good insight! Discouragement can be expected in life, however, to DWELL in discouragement is never a plus! Shake if off and move on!
    Thank you for your comment.