Thursday, June 27, 2013

INTRODUCTIONS: A New Contributor


Tessa Charles here.  I have a dear, sweet, kind, insightful friend, Annie, and she has started a whole new life recently.  If you have read this blog faithfully, you might recall a post called, Always A Bride (see March postings).  It was about Annie's recent wedding.  Today, I am re-introducing her to you because she is going to be contributing to this blog with her wisdom and her experience from the other side of the globe!

I have seen Annie grow from a mildly rebellious teen to the wise, generous, joyful woman she is today.  I am so proud of her because although she is younger than me, she always teaches me something about how if we learn how to love, honor and respect each other, generational lines will be blurred if not altogether disappear.

I have mentioned before, that I'm not techno savvy, and although I have looked at the settings and layout of this blog site, I have yet to find a way to have both of our "About Me" bios co-exist on the same page!  Also, I don't know how to add a by-line, so at this time, and for now (I don't want to wait any longer for you meet my, Annie!), you will find each by-line at the end of the post.

Here is Annie's bio for now:

Hi everyone!! My name is Rubi Anne Dijamco Agostini, but most of my friends and family call me Anne or Annie.  I grew up in Southern California in a great home environment,  with 2 parents that did everything on earth possible for my siblings and me, and always wanted the best for us.  I have learned so much from my parents about how a successful marriage works.  They always taught us about life, love, respect and honor.

Growing up, there were times I did things on my own, and learned the hard way.  Looking back now, the lessons I've learned, discovering that my parents were right, and the support of my friends and family, have definitely made me who I am today.

About 3 years ago, while going to Le Cordon Bleu for Hospitality Management,  I did my externship in beautiful Tuscany, Italy...I learned so much about the industry, about myself, AND I even met the love of my life!  I am now a new wife of 3 months!

We got married in my home town, but we are now spending the first part of our journey in his.  My friends and family here in Italy like to call me Rubi or Anna.  I have so much to share, that I've learned from my husband, how I should be treated not only as a wife, but as a woman.  Where as before, I could have settled for less...but I've learned that I am, WE are, worth so much more than we think!

Italy is definitely a different place than where I grew up, but it is now a place that I have fallen in love with and has slowly become my home away from home.  This country is so rich with the different customs and culture, different mindsets, different expressions and language and a different way of living overall.  I have been meeting so many people here, men and women, with great hearts, great passion and great drive, but still seeking reassurance, stability, happiness and positivity in their lives. I myself strive for all these things everyday, but after years of searching and learning how, I have found ways to connect with the truths that live within.  It's not an easy task all the time, but it definitely makes life worth living every day.

Thank you in advance for all of your support and input, I'm so excited to go on this adventure with all of you!

-Rubi Anne Dijamco Agostini


  1. Thank you, Annie. This is already a great blog, now it will have even more depth and have an international flair to it. So, so happy that you are happy. But then I never doubted that you would be. You just have that attitude. You would never settle! Love you!

  2. So great! Being your mom, I am very blessed and favored to read, to watch and to see you grow in your life journey as a happy Child of God, an awesome friend, a beloved worshipper, an inspired writer, a heart-warming singer, a creative chef, a loving wife and of course, a very wonderful sister and daughter! Lotsa Luv to you, always!!
    ~ Mom

    1. Thank you mom for always supporting and encouraging us and our dreams. You and dad have always done everything possible for us, you've raise us and blessed us, and have made us who we are today.
      I'm excited to be able to share life with you as well.

      Enjoy your DailyTLC!!
      Love Always!

  3. Ciao Ninang!!
    Ate Tess definitely started something great here, and I'm extremely honored to be a part it!

    I'm looking forward to sharing life with you and everyone else!...

    Thank you so so much for your constant support!!

    Love You!