Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Very Tale

I like writing stories.  Here is a short story I recently wrote and told in front of an audience.  I hope you enjoy it:

Once upon a time there was a young bride and groom who went to the seaside for their honeymoon. They spent their mornings walking on the pristine sands of the seashore, their sunsets in awed silence and their starry nights talking about their plans for the future.

The groom was thoroughly enthralled with his bride and considered himself brilliant for marrying the most beautiful woman he had ever encountered.  The bride adored her groom and considered herself blessed to have selected a man with such strength and integrity as well as tender loving kindness.

One beautiful sunny morning after a late breakfast, they decided to take a walk in the small village near their villa.  Unrushed they casually strolled into and out of several little shops admiring antiques in one and clothing in another.  As they passed a jewelry store, the bride stopped dead in her tracks. A sparkly necklace caught her eye as well as her breath.  

“Ohhh!  Isn’t that beautiful?” she exclaimed.  

“It really is” replied her groom.  

“Oh, look at the color!  I LOVE it!  It’s so perfect, isn’t it? I wonder how much it costs.  Probably a lot, you know these little shops in touristy locations” she said as she craned her neck this way and that to try to get a glimpse at the price on the miniscule tag.

All of a sudden the sales lady inside the store snatched the necklace from out of the window.  Slightly indignant, the bride turned toward her husband only to find him gone from her side.  “Where could he have gone?” she thought to herself as she turned herself around looking for him.  Out of the corner of her eye she immediately caught sight of the color of his shirt……. He was INSIDE THE STORE!
“He’s buying it for me!” the bride gasped.

She ran into the shop to find her groom at the sales counter, wallet opened and a credit card at the end of his outstretched hand.  He placed the necklace around her neck as she beamed, “Thank you!” 

“It was too beautiful to pass up” he replied.

And as they walked out of the store hand in hand, her head on his shoulder, he smilingly said, 
“If you want the matching earrings, I think you’re on your own.”

I enjoy true love stories, I think many women do.  The young bride in the story reminds me of how when women are able to trust and free to love, they will adore their true love.  The young groom demonstrates his love for his beautiful bride by fulfilling her every desire, before she even asks.  In fact, he would give his life for his bride without her asking.
I hope you found this story I made up inspiring and that it touches your romantic side………only, I’m lying. It’s not a fairy tale or a made up story.  It is a true story.  I saw it play out with my own eyes this summer and it was probably the most romantic thing I have ever witnessed. Furthermore, the young bride and groom portrayed in the story are not newlyweds, but have been married for over 48 years!

In a world where negative stories and get so much attention and where frivolous, narcissistic individuals earn “livings” by showcasing their “realities”, it makes me proud to know and pass on a TRUE story about a love that has lasted through bad times and good with people who have learned (and still continue to learn) how to love each another on purpose.  They have repeatedly admitted to me that it has not been easy, but as far as their marriage goes, they have been and are intentional.  They are a role model for all.

Please feel free to share a true love story.  You may comment below or email me at: dailytlc@gmail.com and I will post your story.  We love inspiring stories and we love the idea of counteracting all the negative stories with positive ones..........so we can live happily ever after.

-Tessa L. Charles

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