Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Comic book writers, put down your pens.  Your super hero comes masked with mud, and uniformed in yoga pants.  With one hand she catches falling objects faster than a speeding bullet, leaps tall (Lego) buildings in a single bound.  This “hoodied” caped crusader is stronger than any known mortal man, defeating the dastardly enemy, “Burnt Crock Pot” with her superhuman strength and a scrub brush.  She alone dusts overlooked crevices detected by her super bionic eyes.

Scientists, get your noses out of those books on relativity!  Albert Einstein ain’t got nothin’ on this genius! She alone can discern when the trash is full, what meals can be assembled with minimal ingredients and how to make a grocery list on a budget (that doesn’t take smarts, you say?  Really?  Then why didn’t you think of it?!).

Ninja Warriors, you’re silent machinations are nothing compared to the invisibility of this Unknown Soldier. Unnoticed she moves about her territory putting way discarded clothes, read books, dirty dishes and who knows what else (how would anyone even notice?  She’s that stealthy!!)?  Undetected, she completes tasks no one else thinks to accomplish or ever recognizes!

War Generals, if you would only put down your weapons of destruction down for 2 minutes and actually listen to representatives of half of the population you’d probably find peaceful ways to negotiate.

World Leaders, if you would stop talking for a moment and apply the budgetary methods that these everyday economists use, our countries would likely be debt-free.

Mr. President, you think your job is thankless?

Looking for a super hero to solve all the world’s problems?  Stop going to the movies, lift up your eyes and RECOGNIZE!!  Your HERO is standing right in front of you asking you to pick up your stinky socks.

-Tessa L. Charles (alias: Woman)


  1. there's a list for you... a list of thankless positions. for example, offensive linemen in football, they fight in the trenches and the only time you know that they are there is because they didn't do their job. when they do their job, all glory to the quarter back and running back. let's not get started with the thankless position of the audio/visual guy at church. great topic sis. keep up the good work. feeling blessed. dc

  2. Thanks, Bro. You're right, there are countless thankless jobs performed by men as well, that's for sure. There are many people who do jobs that seem just "run of the mill" or "ordinary" that should be recognized as heroes. I get frustrated when those "ordinary" heroes get taken advantage of.