Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Game Time!

Are you doing anything in your life that you love so much, you have to be extremely disciplined to do it?  I'm not the biggest sports enthusiast, but when my dad and brother are watching, I do catch a few games.  The other day we were watching a football game and it was maybe 100 degrees outside.  And instead of actually watching the game,  I was watching how hard they were playing and thinking how disciplined and dedicated they must be; all geared up with I'm sure a few pounds of padding and other a stuff and wearing a helmet, in 100 degree weather, while playing their hearts out like it was their first or last game.  I was so impressed with the dedication and discipline these guys had, I started to think if there was anything in my life that I put as much into.

Okay, you don't have to be a football player playing in 100 degree weather to realize your dedication and discipline for something you are passionate about.  I watch my brother studying day and night, waking up early, going to bed late, and skipping out on some things because he wants to finish studying, or writing a paper or a sermon, whatever it is, he lets his passion guide him.  And when there are times that he chooses to hang out, knowing he has a paper due, that's even more discipline to stay up a little later or wake up earlier. I love watching the dedication that he has for a dream that he is passionate about, it's so inspiring to me and so many other people.  He knows what he wants and he's going after it, he knows the benefits of his future if he disciplines himself now.  And there is also my sister who had dedicated herself to living away from home, away from friends and family to follow her heart and her passion.  She has now built a great life for herself, married to the man she loves and still dedicated to her career that drove her to where she is today.  I admire her strength and love how in love she gets with what she's passionate about, she is also such an inspiration of discipline and dedication.

The dedication that you have doesn't have to be towards one specific dream or goal that drives can be passionate about your life in general, living with a heart to dedicate yourself in anything that you do. Maybe you don't give everything your all, 100%, but in everything that you do, if you find the discipline to follow through, the outcome will be that much sweeter and you'll have a great feeling of accomplishment.

Maybe you play a sport, or you're training for a marathon, or training a new pet; maybe you're a chef or even a cook working long hours in a hot kitchen, managing a business, raising a family, a student, interning, in your career, in a new relationship, just married, married for years, in an "in between" job; whatever you're doing or whatever position you're in, there is always a need to discipline and dedicate yourself.  In some areas of your life, you may find things more difficult, and some things you may find and realize your natural passion for.  Whatever it is, find it's worth and let yourself be dedicated.

Sometimes your situation may find you in a difficult spot, you may need to put your "game face on" or have that "game time" mentality, in any case, let your heart and your passion guide you towards your goal or maybe even just your next step .  Don't ever be discouraged if something doesn't work out, or things aren't going according to your plan, or if you ever think you're missing out in life; if you're doing something from the heart,  whether it's ideal or not, be proud of yourself and feel accomplished.  Don't feel like "your life is over" because one thing didn't work out.  Know that you have so much going for you, and you will always recover if you let yourself.  Give worth to all that do, follow your heart and find something that your are passionate about.  Live your life in "game time" and let your passion drive you.

-Rubi Anne Dijamco Agostini

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