Sunday, January 6, 2013

T-i-i-i-i-me Is On My Side, Yes It Is

A few years ago, I went to a conference where a woman named, Christa Black was featured as a songwriter.  Christa sang a song she wrote called, “God Loves Ugly” (Jordin Sparks subsequently recorded this song as well) and there was not a dry female eye in the auditorium, it struck such a strong chord in all of us.  I suppose Christa got that reaction everywhere she went because by the next year’s conference, Christa had authored a book by the same name, which I bought and read.
 In her book Christa talks about her struggles with poor self-esteem issues which manifested itself mainly through an eating disorder.  Included in the book are exercises to help the reader become free from any lies holding one in bondage by keeping a person from becoming all that he/she was meant to be.  She inspires me!
Anyway, after that second conference, my oldest son and one of his best friends and I were on our drive home and they mentioned that they hadn’t understood the reaction to Christa’s song.  I asked them if they had ever felt ugly or fat or even remotely unattractive in any way or if they ever compared themselves to other friends, models or actors.  The answer was, “Only sometimes, but then I get over it”.
 It was then that I realized that most young men have never tortured themselves about their looks the way young girls, or women do.  Immediately I wondered how much TIME I could’ve saved myself by just not obsessing about the way I look!  I probably could’ve earned myself three Ph.D’s with all the time that I wasted!!! 
I know it was an eye opening conversation for the young men too because after I explained to them why girls/women act the way they do and why they feel so insecure they kept saying things like: “Oh!  That’s why they do that!”
Ladies, I propose we use our time for more useful things than obsessing about our looks.  So let’s keep looking in that mirror and telling ourselves how beautiful we are, concentrate on being the best we can be and then spend all that new found time becoming even BETTER!!!

I've included a link to Christa Black as well as the audio to "God Loves Ugly":

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