Friday, April 12, 2013

I Can Do Anything

This week I have focused on how the good always wins and that failure is always an option because failure is only temporary until it becomes a success.  For this weekend, I wanted to leave everybody with a YouTube video that I have seen about a dozen times, however, I never tire of it because it always reminds me how to be grateful and positive in the face of perceived circumstance and failure.  I have posted it here and I encourage you to watch it now:
I love how this is entitled: Jessica’s Daily Affirmation because apparently she said this on a daily basis. I love how she looks in the mirror and tells herself this before she even dressed.  I admire her unrelenting optimism.  She loves everything!  She can do anything! What a contagious attitude!

You know what I’m going to suggest next, don’t you?  This weekend, make up your own affirmation and say it to yourself in the mirror.  Write it down if you must and memorize it.  Say it every morning.  Say it every time you run into opposition.  Say it every time you perceive failure.  Say it every time you’re having a “bad” moment/day/week.  Say it and believe it.  Say it because you CAN do anything!

-Tessa L. Charles

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