Friday, April 19, 2013

More Beautiful Than You Think

I viewed this video clip a few days ago on Face Book and it really epitomizes what I have experienced having worked in a women’s fitness facility as well as part of the reason I started this blog.  It is about an interesting project a forensic artist did to demonstrate how women view themselves.  I implore you to watch it now:
I think this video speaks for itself and so I will leave us this weekend without much commentary, trusting that what it says speaks to your spirit as it has mine.
I will say this:  I look forward to a day when the way that we describe ourselves is more beautiful on the “left” side than it is on the “right”.  I look forward to the day when someone compliments us and we can  simply smile and say, “thank you”.  I look forward to the day when we can look in a full view, 3-way mirror and not cringe; to a day when it becomes less lucrative for a medical student to become a plastic surgeon; a day when we can know that beauty is not just about the way we look.  And I look forward to the day when we understand the depth and power of our beauty and as a result can infuse it into the world around us.
This will happen, I can see the day coming; can you?  Have a great weekend looking at yourself and everyone else with your new beautiful eyes and their new beautiful outlook.   You are more beautiful than you think and…… you’re welcome.

-Tessa L. Charles

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