Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Good Always Wins

On Monday we all saw the tragic events that took place in Boston.  While watching the news footage, I began to notice something; the focus of the news had become about the heroism of all the people around the scene and of the speed and efficiency of all the hospitals near the marathon and less to do with the negativity of the circumstance.  Perhaps that is because they didn’t know who to blame for the bombs, but I don’t really care what the reason is, I’m just in awe of humanity!
Just a week before the bombing, I posted a blog called, “Between A Rock And A Hard Place”, and the main message was that the good always wins out, ALWAYS.  While watching the footage of when the first bomb exploded one commentator mentioned that he could recognize who the regular citizens were versus the trained military and law enforcement because the trained personnel were running away from the site of the first explosion while the citizens would run to the site.  He explained why it is the instinct of “regular” people to run to the site of the explosion, and you want to know what it is? Because it is our natural instinct to help those in need.  Isn’t that amazing?!  Unless trained, it is instinctive for us to put ourselves in a place of danger to help another human being.  It is the highest form of humanity, maybe even a super form of humanity, to lay down our lives for another. 
As I was listening to the commentators praising each heroic effort and deed of the good citizens of Boston, I found myself responding to each account out loud (and yeah, I talk to the TV like it can hear me!), “Because the good ALWAYS wins out! The GOOD ALWAYS WINS OUT!!!!!”  It made me so proud of the people of Boston; so proud to be an American; so proud to be human!
And so as the events continue to unfold, and the media attempts to shift the attention to “whodunit” and why, and when the impending character dissection ensues, please never forget the impact of the “ordinary citizens” of Boston who demonstrated that the good......say it with me....always wins out

-Tessa L. Charles

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