Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Favorite

Recently I finished reading a book called, Mary, Queen of France: The Story of the Youngest Sister of Henry VIII (A Novel of the Tudors), by Jean Plaidy.  Now, I don’t know much about the Tudors (someday I am going to HAVE to check out the cable series!), and I’m not that interested in British political history, but this book was mainly about the relationship between Henry VIII and Mary who it seemed was his favorite, and with whom he probably had the kindest relationship, in fact, he quite pampered her.  In return, Mary adored her brother and it seemed she was the only one who could cajole him out of a foul mood by batting her lashes and talking to him adoringly.  Soon after Henry had become king, she did something that was absolutely against his command, but because she was favored, she was able to placate her way out of a prison sentence.
Have you ever been someone’s “favorite”, the apple of one’s eyes, even for just a short amount of time? How glorious being able to walk and talk in the certainty that whatever you do is “adorable”!  How easy it is to return the love and freely give adoration back to the one who favors us, right?
Once when my boys were younger, I asked them separately who they thought was my favorite.  Each boy answered exactly the same: “Me.  No….my brother……no…..I don’t know.”  They both were right.  That son was my favorite…..and so was his brother…..and yeah, I don’t know how that happens. 
When someone is your “favorite” he/she is set apart; regarded with special favor or preference, and indulged.  In my opinion, it is possible for each son to be my favorite.  Each one is set apart from the other, they are definitely not the same.  Each one is regarded with special favor.  One likes to be doused with physical affection, the other so does NOT and prefers verbal praise, so I indulge them accordingly. 
Don’t get me wrong, there have been, and still are, some days when one of them seems to “fall” out of favor with me (you know those times!).  But I don’t think you always have to like your favorite’s behavior for him/her to remain in your favor.   And honestly, if the “favorite” remembered that he was such, he wouldn’t intentionally do something to break that relationship.  He also wouldn’t feel obliged to act a certain way to earn favor, he would act favorably because he already knows he’s got favor.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of remembering to walk in the favor.
From now on, realize that you walk in that favor.  Act like you are the favorite, because you are some one’s favorite, I guarantee it.    Walk with your head up high and receive the indulgence, and it will come to you. Exist as though adored because you are. 
And then please do me a favor, and, pass it on.  Thanks.

-Tessa L. Charles

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