Monday, February 25, 2013

So Who's (Ac)counting, Anyway?

So here we are at the cusp of the beginning of spring; the weather is warming up, the grass is green, and trees are starting to show some buds.  I’m wondering how the New Year’s resolutions are going.  I congratulate those of us who have kept at them, good job!  I applaud those of us who have “fallen” off the wagon, but have gotten up again and again, perseverance is most admirable!  And I encourage those of us who still have not started and are thinking it’s too late.  It’s never too late and don’t forget, springtime is a good time for new beginnings.
One way of staying on track is to be accountable to someone we trust, perhaps a friend who will faithfully check in on us, encourage us and applaud our every accomplishment no matter how small; someone who will not judge us, but will also be the one who will give us a much needed kick in the pants if we need it. If we are so blessed, we might have more than one person who fits the bill. 
I am a blessed person, as I have several people on my “team” who are so wise, accepting, discerning, gracious, uplifting and so very giving.  Some of them have been in my life FOREVER, some just for a short time, some live near me, some live far, a few are men, and many are mighty, mighty women.  They keep me accountable via email, phone call, text, social media, Skype and yes, even in this techno age, in person!  I have turned to one or more of my “posse” when I’m discouraged, disappointed, frustrated, angry, and depleted.  I have turned to them when I’ve celebrated an accomplishment and have good news to share as well. 
One of my goals for creating this blog was to provide a safe place where those of us who have been so blessed as to have such supportive accountability “friends” can “pay it forward” and perhaps even broaden our accountability base to each other.  Remember, one of the best ways to acquire an accountability friend is to be one.  I would consider it a victory in my life if I can be as good an accountability buddy to my buddies as they are to me.
As always, I encourage you to share our comments, and concerns.  If you are unable to leave a comment on this blog, feel free to email me at: and I will copy and paste your comments directly on the blog if you want.  I’m not saying an accountability friend will have all the answers for you, but sometimes all we need and want is to be “heard”.  Send a note of thanks to your accountability posse today and have a wonderful day.

-Tessa L. Charles

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