Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

While perusing FaceBook this week, I read a post from a friend of mine who was describing a reoccurring dream.  A few of us friends tried to “interpret” her dream, some of us humorously.  It reminded me of a reoccurring dream I have had which was quite terrifying to me each time I had it, but I’ll tell you how I “kicked its behind”!
The “scene” or circumstance in my dream was always a little different, but the “plot” was always the same.  It always occurred in the dark; at night or at a place like an underground parking lot. I was always trying to get somewhere, like a house, or to meet a friend/relative; somewhere “safe”.  Then a dark, shadowy figure would always approach me and start trying to get me off course by distracting me, he (I never saw the figure fully but I had the “impression” that it was male) would try to point me in a different direction or ask me for something from out of my purse or pocket.  If that didn’t work he’d get physical by grabbing my arm, then pushing me, tripping me, or grabbing my leg and if that didn’t work, he’d throw boxes and other objects at me or in my way and as I would try to fight to gain ground towards the safe place, the objects would get bigger or more dangerous.  I would try to avoid him, run away from him, wrench out of his grip, fight against his attempts and avoid the objects but then I would wake up never reaching my goal and always frightened and frustrated. 
After having this dream a few times I tried to figure out what the dream meant and it didn’t take long to decipher that the dream occurred whenever there was something new or uncomfortable happening in my real life.  I don’t consider myself a particularly courageous person, but I thought I could at least be courageous in my dreams!  So I planned that the next time I had the dream I would do something different, and I did. 
The next time when the dark figure tried to get my attention, I held up my hand to him and purposely walked towards my “goal”.  When he tried to hold me back, I fought him off the best I could, and finally, when he threw boxes and objects at me, I stacked them on top of each other and climbed on top them, getting me closer to my destination.
That was the last time I had the dream.  To be honest, I never reached my safe place, but I remember feeling very peaceful and accomplished at the end of that dream, and I suppose learning to use the objects as buildings blocks instead of stumbling blocks was the whole point.
What “stumbling blocks” are keeping you from your “destination”?  I never found out who the “figure” was, for all I know it could’ve been ME!  What fears and or excuses are you using to stop you in your tracks?  Don’t let the adversity stop you, instead, use it to your advantage; use it to PROPEL you! CONQUER your dreams!
Have a nice weekend, all!

-Tessa L. Charles

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