Friday, February 1, 2013

Workin' 9 to 5

Ok working Moms, you didn’t think we’d be left out did ya?  What a special work we are doing for our families!  If we’re working outside of our homes out of necessity or because we’re passionate about our careers we deserve applause.  It is no easy task balancing work, home and for some of us, continuing education as well.  I often feel like one of those circus acts juggling items while balancing on a plank on top of a large ball!

Last night I was watching the TV show “What Not To Wear” and coincidently (or was it???) they were making over the wardrobe of a woman who was a physician as well as a wife and mother.  Her daily routine included working at her full time practice, and then picking up her children from school and driving them to whatever extracurricular activities they were involved in.  She explained that once she had turned 40 she consciously “resigned” herself to the fact that she was never going to be one of the “beautiful people” and that she just dressed “adequately” to get by.  She acknowledged that she didn’t want to be noticed, she just sort of wanted to disappear.  But she admitted that in doing so, she often was not taken seriously in her profession.  I was sad that she couldn’t recognize her worth and so were the hosts.  They were able to gently point out that her accomplishments were more than “adequate” and then asked her if in 20 years she would like it if her daughters’ opinions of themselves turned out to be like hers.  Of course she said no and then began to realize that she had to be their role-model.  They pointed out that she didn’t have to be one of the “beautiful people” to be beautiful and feel accordingly and their make-over demonstrated that.

I guess what I wanted to emphasize today is that we don’t deserve to get so busy as to ignore our own accomplishments and self worth.  I have a friend who says it this way:  We are human BEINGS and not human DOINGS.  So let this be a reminder just in case we have forgotten, we are strong, intelligent, fulfilled, loving, exceptional, joyous, accomplished, BEAUTIFUL women!  Let’s let the outside match our gorgeous inside! And let's not let anyone (including ourselves) make us feel guilty for working, we're sharing our talents with the world and there's no shame in that!

I am asking that you share your experiences with us because I know you’ve got inspiration for us to celebrate with you.  Some of you have mentioned that you were unable to post comments, and I’m trying to see if I can rectify that.  Admittedly, I’m not very techno savvy so please be patient.  Thanks and have a great weekend!

-Tessa L. Charles

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