Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Power of Words

It’s been one of a few prevailing themes of this blog to make us aware of keeping our words and thoughts about ourselves and others positive rather than negative (see blogs: Tag That Tongue and Follow Ol’ Rafiki, He Knows The Way and Grace Growers).  I keep reiterating it because the negative is all around us, in advertising, the news media, in magazines and sometimes I think we become inoculated to its effects and just accept it as normal or humorous.
For example, I had the TV on while I was eating my breakfast a couple of days ago and someone was talking about some of the fashion on the Red Carpet displayed at the Academy Awards last Sunday.  This person was just “ragging” on some of the women and their clothing choices and even their reactions during their acceptance speeches.  He was just tearing apart people and to what end?  It was really ugly and offensive. 
I have to admit, there was a time when I thought one way to be humorous was to make fun of people; in fact I became quite good at it, so much so that I remember being asked to be a copy contributor for the year book of one of the universities I attended and was specifically asked to make my copy humorous by “bagging” (criticizing) on fellow students.  At my 5th year high school reunion, I was asked to “roast” classmates.  I look back and I think, how sad that that’s how others saw me.  Sure, they laughed, but what they (and I) didn’t realize was that I was hurting inside and being sarcastic and caustic was a way of letting that hurt out; similar to the “cutting” that young people find themselves doing now, only I was hurting others, not just myself. 
What I didn’t recognize was that I always had an affinity for words, that I had an ability to make my words powerful.  I proved that because I was known for it.  I proved it because my negativity actually hurt people.  So now, in my more “seasoned” years, and after been surrounded by righteous people, I have learned that I can use my power for good not evil; to heal not kill; to uplift not tear down; to inspire not choke.  It's what I'm hoping this blog is accomplishing.
Today, I’m challenging us to change our thoughts and words.  Whenever we think something negative about a situation and/or another person, let’s quickly take captive those thoughts/words first and exchange them for the postive.  See the situation/person with different eyes.   I’m posting a video clip that demonstrates this: Take it and run.  Words can be words of life or words of death.  Let’s choose life.

-Tessa L. Charles

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